Our Bonita Beach Resort Motel Team

Andy King | Bonita Beach Resort Motel

Andy King Andy has been with us since he was a young. Born and bred in Ohio, has been with Bonita Beach Resort Motel since he was a young lad just out of high school. Since then, he has perfected the art of saltwater fishing in the Estero Bay and surrounding areas. Also an avid diver with several certifications, Andy loves spearfishing. If you call on the phone or come into the office, you will probably deal with him. We are fortunate to have Andy as part of our Team!

Ellen Mohlenhoff | Bonita Beach Resort Motel

Ellen Mohlenhoff Ellen helps out where ever she is needed, and is Andy's aunt. She can be seen at the business cleaning the motel rooms so they’re spotless for our guests, mingling with said guests or assisting in the office.

Eric Mohlenhoff | Bonita Beach Resort Motel

Eric Mohlenhoff Eric can be seen at the business working upstairs in his office, mingling with guests staying at the motel. When not working at the motel, Eric loves to take family vacations to National Parks all over the country or work on his art hobby of welding the beautiful fish found in Southwest Florida out of aluminum.

Snoop Dog | Bonita Beach Resort Motel

Snoop Dog Andy's Jack Russell, Snoop Dog, is the official mascot of Bonita Beach Resort Motel. All the Motel customers love him and they show it by feeding him treats. I think he eats better than most people some days.