5 Things to Remember When Booking a Motel

Motels must meet the standards of all occupants. While there are a lot of good motels, there are also some that lack the basic amenities that you’ll need for a comfortable stay. When booking a Bonita Springs motel, it’s important that you ask all of the right questions before agreeing to stay the night.

1. Location

Websites are often misleading. Many motels will say they’re near the beach and may even have photos of guests having fun in the sand, but when you arrive, you find out the beach is a few blocks away.

Always ask for the exact location of the motel.

Use Google Maps to scour the area as well to see what you’ll be next to and the general area. This way, you’ll know which restaurants and entertainment hotspots may be a short walk away.

Bonita Beach Resort Motel is conveniently located directly across the street from beautiful Bonita Beach, truly only a 2 minute walk from the sand.

2. Internet Access

Nothing is worse than going to a motel for work and realizing that there is no free Internet access, or worse: no Internet access period. In the event that you’ll be charged for access, always ask how much the charge will be and if you will have to pay for each device that connects.

Bonita Beach Resort Motel is proud to offer well-maintained WiFi for all guests, free of charge.

3. Meals

While an unsatisfying continental breakfast is often offered at motels, most motels do not offer full kitchens in their suites. When calling to book, always ask what, if any, free meals are offered and if there’s a kitchen. If there are no free meals available, always inquire about local hot spots to eat.

There’s a fully-equipped kitchen in every single room at Bonita Beach Resort Motel!

4. Parking

Parking is one of the easiest things to overlook when booking a motel. While you would think that every motel has ample parking, this isn’t always the case. You’ll want to ask how much parking is available and if there is a cost for parking.

Motels across the street from parking lots may have their visitors pay for parking, or may charge for parking in their own lot.

There is also a possibility that you’ll need to park on the street, which is less than convenient.

Bonita Beach Resort Motel offers free onsite parking for all guests.

5. Call Before Booking

If you have any questions not easily found on a motel’s website or online, you can always call the motel before booking. A representative will be able to answer all of your questions, so you can book a motel that fits your needs precisely.

Motels are great when traveling and will save you money along the way. When you plan on booking a Bonita Springs motel, it’s important you know all of the fine details beforehand.

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