Bonita Beach Resort Motel Team

Andy King

“Captain Andy” King hails from Ohio, but has taken to Florida like a Snook to a dock light. He’s dedicated almost half his life to Bonita Beach Resort Motel and loves our customers like family. You can find him working anywhere on the property – whether it’s in the back working on an improvement project or in the office handling our day-to-day operations, he’s got his hands in just about everything! When he’s not at work, he likes fishing and cooking (hopefully some freshly-caught fish).

Ellen Mohlenhoff

Ellen Mohlenhoff is Andy’s aunt and godmother. No one has more passion for the motel than her. All year long she can be found making improvements and ensuring our rooms are spotless for our guests. Catch her blowing off steam during season over a game of cards with the regular customers she’d refer to as her second family. Having been raised in Ohio, both her and Andy love all things Cleveland – even the Browns! Her passions include reading, going out to dinner with her husband Eric, and spoiling her grandbabies.

Eric Mohlenhoff

Anywhere you find Eric Mohlenhoff, he’s probably listening to music. Whether he’s in his upstairs office or back in the shed, you can bet he’s tuned in to one of the 16,000 songs in his impressive collection. His passions include taking his wife Ellen out for date night, Elvis, his cat Otis, and welding as an art form.


Joolie “Joo-Joo” Scott is Josh’s best friend and Bonita Beach Resort Motel’s newest resident watchdog! Joolie has trained to become a top-notch greeter under the tutelage of the famous Snoop Dog and is loving her new life on the beaches of Southwest Florida. A lovable rescue dog who instantly pawed her way into Josh’s heart, we only know for certain that her breed is part Rat Terrier, mixed with a whole lotta love. Come say hello (and maybe drop a bite or two of your lunch) and make Joolie’s day!

Josh Scott

Josh comes to us from Mobile, Alabama. When he’s not working hard at his new Bonita Beach Resort Motel gig, you can catch him eating some good ‘ol southern soul food, watching all things Alabama football, or assimilating into the Florida culture and fishing out on the water with his best friend/dog Joolie. Welcome to the team, Josh – and Roll Tide!

Margie Scott

Born and raised here at the business, Margie found her way back to Bonita Beach Resort Motel after living in land-locked Atlanta for a few years. When not working in the office, you can find her hanging out at the beach or caring for her new house as an excited first-time homeowner!

Richard Mohlenhoff

Richard Mohlenhoff (also known as “The Old Man” or “Big M”) is responsible for finding this little piece of paradise back in 1988 and we are so glad he decided to leave the insurance business and open up Bonita Beach Resort Motel! Now he’s retired from the business and is thoroughly enjoying being a “snowbird” who summers in New Jersey with his grandkids and spends his winters down here in the Sunshine State, checking in on us and mingling with our regular customers every now and then.


Scout is Andy’s new puppy and a welcome addition to the Bonita Boat Rentals crew! His chief jobs here include alerting the staff when a customer arrives and lizard hunting. He would call Joolie his best friend whereas she would consider him more of an acquaintance – watch them play together next time you take a trip down to see us!

Snoop Dog

Andy’s partner in crime for nearly 15 years, Snoop “Dog” faithfully came to work with him every single day for his role as head of security at Bonita Beach Resort Motel and is well known to be our unofficial mascot. Everyone who frequents the Motel knew and loved our Snoop, and we all miss him dearly. We are grateful for the special life he had here at the Motel and take solace in knowing he truly lived his life to the fullest! Snoop was able to teach the new puppy all the tricks of the trade when it comes to being a Motel dog and we know Scout and Joolie sure have some big paws to fill. Rest in peace our beloved Snoop!